19 feb. 2014

Interview with Ram Anand, Manager of the Journal Department of IRPH

What comes to be an information manager has the honor of interviewing Ram Anand, Manager of the Journal Department of International Research Publication House (IRPH). A publisher of scientific journals, specialized in the area of ​​science that can be accessed by having the Open Access philosophy. DISCOVER more about Ram and publisher, then:

-Can you explain your job as a journal department manager at IRPH?

The Rank I hold in International Research Publication House (IRPH) is Manager of the Journal Department. In short, I look after all the activities of the Journal Department, Which includes but are not limited to editing and reviewing the web content of each journal, supervising timely formatting of manuscript submitted for publication in various journals. Creating an effective channel between potential authors and peer review board and other editors. Ensuring timely review of each submitted articles. 

Ensuring a fine balance of number of papers published in each volume and issue of various journals. Inviting potential new authors for manuscript submission. Expansion of peer review board keeping the fact in mind that review board should never be localized but it should have a global presence of leaders in their respective fields. Web content management and weekly update of materials of each journal. Monitoring subscription base and sales distribution. We are approximately adding at least 20 new editorial members every month. 

I also continuously look for possible collaboration with new firms. Very recently we have become partner with a manuscript editing company based in India and Japan.

Also, I am very glad to inform you that International Research Publication House (IRPH) for the 6th consecutive time is participating in the World Book Fair-2014, Organized by National Book Trust of India. To be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India from 15th of Feb to 23rd of Feb 2014. 

Above all, I believe in delivering the best possible and timely services to the people associated with us. I aim to provide a good work environment, to deliver useful products and services to our customers with excellence, and to improve and grow in all multitude of life. 

If the reader of this blog is interested to know more about me, they are welcome to connect with me on linkedin: in.linkedin.com/pub/ram-anand/61/866/b91/
or, they can reach me at, irphramanand@gmail.com

Are there many Spanish centers whose are subscribed to IRPH?

At present we do not have any subscribers from any University or Research Institutes located in Spain. But we certainly have our name not just in Spain but in almost every European country, namely United Kingdom, France, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Chez Republic, Ukraine, and Slovenia. We have a very international editorial board and numbers of our reviewers are from European countries.
I am glad to inform you two of our Editor in chiefs is from Spain:

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (IJESBM)
Virginia Barba-Sánchez, ESII, Paseo de los Estudiantes, Spain

International Journal of Business Management and Economics Research (IJBMER)
Alicia Izquierdo Yusta, University of Burgos, Spain

These are new journals that we have just launched in year 2014.
We at IRPH are working really hard to establish IRPH as a brand in European Countries and we are sure we will soon create our ground in European countries. 

What do you think about IRPH could published about Social Sciences and Humanities journals?

IRPH is now a 6 year old company. We are at present focused on Science, Technology and Management Journals (STM). Prior to this year our main focus was on Science and Technology Journals. But in the year 2014 we have launched two open access Journals on Business Management and Economics. The Aim and Scope of these journals are broad and they cover certain areas of Social Sciences mainly the socio-economic research areas. At present we have no dedicated journal for Social Science, Humanities and some other important research areas such as Education, Library Science, and Anthropology. But in next few years we may develop journals in these areas. A team effort will be the key to success. 

What databases can we find in IRPH?

Journals of IRPH are completely Open Access in nature. If you visit our website www.irphouse.com you will find that as of now our major focus is on Science and Technology Section. Our journals are listed under following categories:
Electronic and Electrical Journals (8 Journals)
Engineering Journals (10 Journals)
Science and Technology Journals (8 Journals)
Mathematics Journals (6 Journals)
Computer Science Journals (10 Journals)
Management Journals (2 Journals)

The Management Section has just been introduced this year. In total we have added 8 New Journals in 2014.

A researcher/scientist/scholar/teachers and enthusiastic scientific readers can visit our website, check out our journals here http://www.irphouse.com/sciencejournals.htm and can freely access/download/take the print of the paper published in our journals for their research purpose. To practice science ethically a reader is always encouraged to give due credits to the authors and the journal if they are using the work published in a paper as a reference. 

How do you use social media to spread information about IRPH?

In this era of fast growing marketing, social media platforms are very handy tool. Most importantly Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Google+. I am glad to inform you that we are slowly building our fan following on these social platforms. I am particularly interested in these social media websites to promote and spread awareness of the services provided by IRPH. We have very recently created a dedicated social media team for International Research Publication House. The main aim of this team shall be to promote awareness and popularity of IRPH but always by ethical practice. We have a strict policy against spamming.


Ram Anand

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